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Ryan Herbert

Born  in Cincinnati, OH and very  lucky to have been raised in SW Florida. Ryan had fish blood pumping though his body ever since  he was a little SOB. Finding his love for fish from his grandpa in Florida and knowing at very young age  that  fishing for a living was the career path he was going to follow for the rest of his life. He started his guiding career in Duck town, TN after college in 2000. For the past 17 years Ryan worked very hard for many different outfitters/lodges and gained lots of  experience on  heavenly & challenging waters along with logging well over 13,000 river miles. In 2011 Ryan decided to follow his childhood dreams and started YVA. He loves spending time on the water with all types of people laughing & having fun. Teaching his love for fly fishing, rowing and always wanting to learn more is what fuels his fire.

Lovin' Livin' Family & Fishin'

​​Guides Gear:

Rods: TFO, Sage, Orvis, Scott, Nu Cast

Reels: Nautilis, Lamson, Ross, Orvis, Galvan, Nu Cast

Lines/Leaders: RIO, Scientific Angler, Seaguar

Boats: Clackacraft, NRS, RMR, Alumweld

Guide Contact Info:

Email: yampavalleyanglers@gmail or

Cell Phone: 970-819-4376

Facebook: Ryan Herbert

Instagram: rherbertyva