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$1100 PP 

                    $1700 PPWITH LODGING

River Guide School 

YVA offers a 6 day river guide school rowing course with fun, patient and seasoned professional guides. The course covers the state min. required   50 hrs on the water with a (G.I) along with a hands on class for  First Aid & CPR training with a certified Red Cross treacher

Below is what the instructors will cover over the  six day course.

 *Rigging & Maneuvering the Vessel *Reading River Currents, Eddies & Waves

 *Hazards Types & causes of river rapids *Scouting & Running Rapids River *Rescue & Emergency Procedures

*Throw Bag Training

*Rowing & guiding for the fisherman 



*Tying/Bugs with Tim D

*Cooler packing and cleanliness

*Proper fit, wearing & use of Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

....and lots more!

Feel free to give us a call with any question.  

50 hr course is over 2 weekends

2017 Guide School 8 student only.

​Dates: April 28-30

        May 5-7 ​​

Instructors for 2017:

Ryan Herbert

Matt Millner

Jack Bombardier 

​Andy Radzviach

​Tim Durmond

Things to bring for the Course:


*Food & Water


*Throw Bag

*Fishing Gear


*Dry bag of extra warm clothes