Waders & Boot Rentals

Offering brands in all sizes; Redington, Orvis, Simms, Patagonia, Allen Co, & Adamsbuilt. 

The fly rods & reels we offer are TFO, Nucast, Orvis, Sage, Scott, Lamson Douglas, Ross reels, & 3tand. Fly lines are RIO and Scientific angler. 

Boat Rentals

We have a sweet selection of boats to choose from. As far as drift boats go clackacraft makes a dang great boat.  Offering a 02' 15 ft Low profile with all the goods like newer shoal cut sawyer oars and 35 lb pyramid anchor. 

Our rafts are the very strong and durable Rock Mtn. Rafts. New in 17' we have a 13ft & 10.5 ft boats with full set up fishing frames. Decks and casting braces also. All of our boat are very safe and comfortable to relax in for the day.


02' Clackacraft LP 15ft Drift Boat-$225 8hrs

17' RMR 13ft Raft /Fishing Frame-$175 8hrs

17' RMR 10.5ft Raft/Fishing Frame-$125 8hrs

Fly Fishing Rods-$40

Spinning Rods-$20 

Waders & Boots comb-$35



06' 15 passenger Ford Econoline-$350 12hrs

 Prices for Boats, waders & boots are based on full day use only. Credit Card & Copy of Driver Lic. is required for any and all  rental gear transactions. Give us a call and see what is available for your next trip to the mountains.